Is BlogHer aka HuffPo the model for the new newspaper journalism?

Michelle Nicolosi, the executive producer for the new SeattlePI,com, the stand-alone web news site evolving out of the shut down by Hearst of the local Seattle print daily, says the following in an interview on the site:

“We don’t feel like we have to cover everything ourselves. We’ll
partner for some content; we won’t duplicate what the wire is reporting
unless we have something unique to offer; we’ll continue to showcase
the great content from our 150 or so reader bloggers and we’ll link offsite to content partners and competitors to create the best mix of news on our front page.

We’ll continue to develop alliances that give us content readers
want, like our current partnerships with TV and business

Nicolosi also talks about the media partnerships with Hearst Magazines to syndicate content, and all the local leaders who will write for them.

Uh, wait a minute. Isn’t this BlogHer? Or a local Huffington Post?

Is this business model–getting as much mainstream traffic as possible to deliver, highly targeted to adveetisers–the best newspaper sites can do?

The need for new business models–and the impossibility of getting them before an audience shift truly happens–is underscored for me, once again.