Quote of the Day

“But this, my friends, is the new normal: a generation that primps and
dyes and pulls and shapes, younger and with more vigor. Girls today are
salon vets before they enter elementary school. Forget having mom trim
your bangs, fourth graders are in the market for lush $50 haircuts; by
the time they hit high school, $150 highlights are standard.
Five-year-olds have spa days and pedicure parties.

And instead of
shaving their legs the old-fashioned way–with a 99-cent drugstore
razor–teens get laser hair removal, the most common cosmetic procedure
of that age group. If these trends continue, by the time your tween
hits the Botox
years, she’ll have spent thousands on the beauty treatments once
reserved for the “Beverly Hills, 90210″ set, not junior highs in
Madison, Wis.”

–Jessica Bennett, Are we turning our kids into generation Diva? in Newsweek.