Quote of the Day–Lessons from a Three Year Old

  1. Listen to your body.
    • Eat when you’re hungry, not starving..
    • Stop
      eating when you don’t feel hungry anymore, even if there is just a bite
      or two left, and even if it’s dessert or something you love that is
      super delicious
  2. Love unconditionally and make it known.
    • Cuddle with someone in your warm cozy bed before starting your day. Take the time to greet the world slowly and with love.
    • Say
      “I Love You” several times a day, even if you have to scream it to the
      person in another room when you cannot pull yourself away from what you
      are doing.
  3. Trust yourself.
    • You make good decisions for yourself.
    • Trust those who love you. They’ll make good decisions to help you.
    • Demand what you need and don’t give up.
  4. Use your body.
    • Use more muscles by putting up your arms to fly.
    • Smile while you run.
    • Get others to run with you, it’s more fun with friends.

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