The best entry, evah!

Egosurfing and found this post about last year’s travelling geeks trip to israel by EvanSpencer, who describes all the participants in the trip in what sounds like translation software. Here’s what he says about me:

Susan Mernit
: First clip in Zion, Susan may
hold holded the greatest personal shift of the grouping. Her personal
background combines poesy, originative penning, concern, anthropology,
humanities, and a twelve more interests. Inditing from a personal
manner and involvement, Susan conveys the societal scene and personal
interests to her readers with witticism and penetration. Warm, comic,
and brilliantly, Susan is a Tekki with bosom.”

Tekki with bosom…ROFL. thanks, evanspencer! I think you mean I have heart, but this is also accurate.