Update: Public Media Collaborative meeting, March 11, Berkeley, CA

We had a really good meeting with about 35 people this past week in Berkeley for the Public Media Collaborative. Thanks to Raines and Betsy for hosting,.

There’s a set of notes, taken by Andrea Swaney, over at the wiki that recap the discussion and the action items.

Some of the outcomes of that meeting:

  • We
    discussed projects and actions we can work on and added an Asks and a
    Volunteer section to the wiki to post interests and projects from
    non-profits and community groups.
  • We have an opportunity to get started with some trainings that could be a starting point for action
  • Josh
    Wilson and a bunch of folks are planning a May 1st event at USF that we
    have an invite to do a Public Media Collaborative Bar Camp at–offering
    training in planning social media campaigns and strategies and using
    the tools-at their event on May 1st.

I’ve posted a new page titled Next steps post March 11 meeting Share ideas and inputs here where you can get involved if you wish.

  • If you’d like to take part in a May 1st event and the planning to execute it add your name and a note here.
  • We
    also have interest from a number of non profits to work with them to
    help them understand how to plan goals for social media and use the
    tools together.

One question we need to discuss is whether or
not we want to do small sessions with individual organizations, or do
larger one day events with multiple groups–both have value.
What do people think about these two modes? Do you have preferences, comments ideas?
We’re looking to do the next PMC meeting in San Francisco, possibly Weds, April 3rd, most likely at Tech Soup if we can get the space.  For those who want to participate with a May 1st event, we’ll probably set up another April meeting and a weekly phone call, plus a roster and working space on the wiki