WAM! starts tomorrow-Women, Action, Media conference

This is my first WAM conference; I’m in Boston, at Lisa Williams’ house, ready to go meet Deanna Zandt tomorrow and do a workshop on social capital and social media.

It feels like a long and exciting personal journey to be here, at a media conference that is both feminist and activist, and I am excited about the new people I am going to meet, some of them, I know, from my own little corner of the Bay.

I’m excited about the sessions, including the three I am doing, and want to try to make it to many as possible, but I also know it is the random chat in the hallway that is often the most meaningful.

  • Even When We’re Insiders We’re Outsiders: Moving from Black Women’s Invisibility to Visibility in Popular Media and Culture
    Tokumbo Bodunde, Courtney Young
  • In/Out of Focus, Broadening a Feminist Lens: Gender, Non-Conformity and the Media
    Kate Bovitch, Miriam Zoila Perez, Jack Aponte, Julia Serano

Adn opposite my own session with Deanna, Rapid Response Journalism: How Social Media Tools Can Enhance Your Work I wish I could see:

  • More Than Guilty Pleasures: Sexism, Racism, Consumerism & Other Hazards of Reality TV
    Jennifer L. Pozner, Andrea Isabel Quijada
  • The Other Glass Ceiling: We had a woman candidate, but where are the women in the political media?
    Mikki Halpin, Rebecca Traister, Lisa Stone


  •  New Technology, New Activism: Case studies, Loretta Ross, Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Susan Mernit
  • Pulling the Plug on Rape Culture One Word at a Time: Using Accuracy to Undermine Dangerous Attitudes and Injustice
    Cara Kulwicki, Ashley Burczak, Marcella Chester, Ashwini Hardikar

  • Social Media and Women of Color
    Shireen Mitchell, Keida-Ann Borgella, Corvida Raven

In other words, more than I can go to!  But I will try to twitter, or live blog, as much as makes sense.