Susan Boyle rocks my world: YouTube view a must seee

So the British version of American Idol brought on a 48 year old villagw woman whose plain looks, unplucked eyebrows, bushy grey hair and stocky build suggested skin peels, eye-brow waxing, hair dye, Spaanx and so on were unknown (or uncared for) in her world.  This middle-aged wild english rose triggered eyerolling and snickers from the (mostly younger) crowd, and restrained hilarity from the judges till she began to sing–in a voice that was amazing, a song so well chosen it brought tears to my eyes.

As the middle-aged know–and wish to remind the young, who don’t often want to listen–everyone, at every age, has dreams.

Susan Boyle is living hers–to sing in front of a large audience–and it is smashing.

Track the twitterstream here-it’s busy and interesting

Oh, and did I mention the video has done almost 2MM page views in 24 hours?.