Twitter in the Bizarro world (or, is celeb twitter text-based TV?)

Let’s pretend that Twitter is the over the fence *telephone* of a neighborhood where all celebrites live, 

Reality Star @kimkardashian  (424, 000 + followers) is friends with @AngieMarintez (32,000 followers) and she and @deniserichards (a measly 10,000 followers) plan  where to go together to get their nails done without bumping into @heidimontag (60,701 followers) and @serenajwilliamsI10,000 followers.


Welcome to a twittersphere that’s really the bizarro world, where starlets tweet to one another and the rest of these fame whores get to entertain our selves by watching.

NOT.  (Makes me vastly prefer to godlike genialiity of the 1MM followers @aplusk, aka Ashton Kutcher, whose handlers clearly feed him tweets from the common folk to comment on.)