Adventures in product development: Paper prototyping & user testing

So yesterday was the first day of user testing for a client project I am working on as Project lead/UX UX track lead/product developer. The team is strong, but for some of the internal folks, the whole UX/design process is new to them, We’re doing paper prototypes of some wireframes, checking on user flow, eyetracking and whether they *see* the critical items we’ve shifted. We’re also using wireframes of the current pages as a control (and is that ever interesting,)

Our first three sessions were yesterday, and it was a blast. Basically, with a fairly small investment of time and cash we were able to create a testing lab, scripts and tools to score and track with, a video recording plan, and run three sessions (we have more today).Even with just three sessions we learned a ton (and we adjusted the design once, already.)

We have three more sessions today. Eager to see what we can find out before we put these wireframes to bed.