Is Dave McClure a Big Butt(on)? (If it’s all about the faces, why the ass?)

I had to ask myself what Dave McClure, who says he was raised by a single mom and who has funded more than one woman entrepreneur was thinking when he resorted to a big butt porn image as the only way to make his point about usability and how much people (and their faces, not their butts) matter on the net.

Dude, do you think the people you want to speak to are only capable of listening if you dish up porn with your message?

Or is it that you think (male) the young turks(aka ‘jedi) you’re speaking to are only going to listen if you add in some porn?

I can’t believe that this tasteless judgement call will improve getting your point made for anyone reading this post, and I dearly hope that you’re not going to turn into one of those bored 19 year olds and say illustrating your point with porn images of women is cool–cause you know what? It ain’t.

Hope this is one of those never again, even late at night things, Dave. The message that it’s okay to use cheap ass porn images of women to make your point just kills listening to the good stuff you are trying to say.

Update: Dave has two women he funded who say they don’t mind this, s it’s all cool. Thanks, Dave. See

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  1. Kristal says:

    What do you expect from a person who tweets
    Clearly the dude’s got some issues.

  2. says:

    Of course the “dude’s got issues” totally agree with you Kristal, however the issue is that people stand by and quietly send the message that this kind of thing is acceptable. It’s the complacent people who say nothing, who are the real butt of the problem here. Amen to women who speak up and who are empowered to make sure this kind of ignorant behavior is relegated to the periphery of society, where it’ll probably always remain on some level.

  3. Dave says:

    well not that we haven’t already covered a lot of territory in the comments on the original post, and also in twitter, i’ll try to express a few points and regardless hope we can perhaps still remain friends even if we disagree.

    1) several people remarked that the image was “porn”. at least one mentioned it as “topless”. while i still reserve the right to use porn (whatever that means) in future posts, i don’t believe the image is of a women who is topless — rather she seems fully clothed to me but maybe my eyesight isn’t as good as others. regardless, the image didn’t quite measure up to “porn” based on my definition; just someone sticking their ass out. but then again, that’s just my perspective; it’s most certainly suggestive & not at all subtle. i also checked my own perception with at least 10+ other women. the clear majority of them (more than 2:1) didn’t think it was porn / weren’t offended, however a few clearly were. no opinions there, not very scientific polling, just some data from other women to consider.
    2) whether i was wrong or not, the image was not a side note. it was not done in order to be “cool”. i’m not some hotshit Rails dude trying to make a name for himself. i’m not rich by any means, but i’m comfortable in my own skin. quite to the contrary, the image was to some extent the centerpiece of the post… it was the entire point of the discussion; namely that visual images are tied to hard-wired psychological response and that UI design should consider how this plays out in increasingly socially-aware platforms and services. while i don’t doubt the image offended some, it wasn’t at all an afterthought. it was quite intentional.
    3) whether or not you think i’m a sexist idiot, belittling or ripping on 2 female entrepreneurs simply because you disagree with ME is pretty uncool, and frankly not very woman-friendly. i don’t know whether you know Rashmi well (thought so), or have any clue who Pokin is (clearly not, since you mistakenly presumed she was male), but they are both high-caliber individuals who deserve respect if not your accord. up to you if u disagree with them, but no need to diss them just because they agree with me. i certainly wasn’t aiming my post at exclusively male “jedi” or entrepreneurs — altho perhaps your interpretation of Pokin’s comment as a male engineer might be seen as equally stereotypical.

    ultimately i have no problem if you disagree with me on #1 and #2. in fact i even understand if you think i’m moronic, sexist, or whatever. at the very least i’ll own up to being a stubborn sonuvabitch w/o much common sense who deserves less respect than the average pack mule.
    however on point #3, as a fellow woman entrepreneur you might consider sending Rashmi & Pokin an apology. they were only 2 of the 10+ women who differed with your view in the debate, and there’s no reason to insinuate their perspectives are anything more than their own opinions. if u want to rip me a new one that’s fine, but they deserve better.
    again in summary: you are absolutely entitled to think i’m an idiot & asshole. i respect your opinion & perspective, while at the same time i may choose to express myself using content of a base and thoughtless nature in order to make a point.

  4. Susan Mernit says:

    Dave, I think it’s fitting for you to have the last word here. Since you put so much energy into justifying your actions, that just speaks for itself. I’m cool with your right to post as many offensive images that demean women as you feel like, but I find it hard to believe that if you asked any women you fund whether she’d prefer to see Gisele Bundchen’s demin-clad behind or the booty-licious porno shot you used, she’d pick the one you published.
    I also feel sorry for anyone to dependent on your money that they have to ignore how your insistence on overtly sexual images of women disrespects women in tech, but hey, you’re not the only person in the Valley who thinks this is okay; I agree, there is quite a crowd.

  5. kare anderson says:

    Writing from several steps away from this skirmish I hope this “dialogue” gets a wider audience + that I would act as calmly and clearly as you in this situation.

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