Oakland woman, 97, found beaten to death: a tale of two cities (or two newspapers)

A friend of mine just sent over a link to a recent story about a 97 year old woman who was found dead inside her apartment near Lake Merritt, having been apparently beaten to death, assailant unknown.

The SF Chronicle story and the Inside Bay Area/Media news story are pretty much the same; each story appears to be written off the police blotter, with some local interviews, by a reporter.
But boy, are the comments different.

The SF Gate comments pretty much run as follows: Oakland is a cesspool, Dellums is incompetent, this person is sick and should be hunted down and killed.

The Bay Area News readers sound like a different crew–comments are angry and directed at the criminal, not the whole city–or city government

As of this moment, nothing else has been publshed in the blogosphere, Do you think the differing tone of the coverage reflects the difference in location–or in audience? Are the SFGate folks thjose who experience Oakland as alien (and hate it), or racists, or what?
And are the Bay Area News readers tonally, different?  It will be interesting to see how this story evolves–not only in facts that emerge, but whether it continues to be a lighting rod for those who want to dump on Oakland..