SEO Tips from online news startups

Robert Niles, no search engine slouch himself, took great notes during the KMDC entrepreneurs’ bootcamp session on SEO. Here’s a summary of the tips, with more details right here. The tips in brief–

1) Use Google AdWords’ keyword tool to find the most popular keywords related to your website and your beat.

2) Use key words and phrases in your HTML title tag

3) Write an engaging meta description tag for each page

4) Switch from AP style to “SEO style” on references in body copy

5) Use keywords in your URLs whenever possible

6) Never publish the same article under two or more URLs on your site

7) Create standing pages as linkbait for popular ongoing stories and issues

8) Never retire or change page URLs without providing a 301 redirect

9) Use or other URL shorteners that use 301 redirects and provide click stats when posting to Twitter

10) Link to other great, original content and invite other publishers to link to yours

For WordPress users, Sullivan recommended the All in One SEO Pack as an effective plug-in that can address several of these points on their WordPress sites.