Welcome NYTimes people

Hey there, if you liked my little piece on twitter and oversharing in the NYTimes, you might also like this presentation Vivianne Tang and I did last year for a conference called Arse Electronika
on oversharing, twitter and blogging.  

I blog here about tech, product development, social media, working with non profits, women in tech, feminism and consulting.
I blog over at BlogHer about s[ex & relationships, ](http://blogher.com/blog/susan-mernit)a nice complement to my “work” life.
I have a [grant ](http://www.susanmernit.com/blog/2009/04/good-news-jlab-new-voices-to-f.html)to start a hyperlocal site, called Oakland Local, which will launch this fall, and I am a co founder of [Public Media Collaborative](http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=53713818216&ref=ts), a group that is training small nonprofits and community organizations to use social media to plan campaigns, reach new audiences, organize events, and deepen engagement with members.
And I do consulting…for more on that look [here](https://susanmernit.com/services/) and [here](https://susanmernit.com/clients/).