#WWT: “Hold your ground. Don’t take any shit.”

Characteristically, that was some of the advice I offered at the Women Who Tech Telesummit panel we just finished (Charlene Li, Connie Reece and Lynne D. Johnson were the other panelists, with the superb Allyson Kapin as moderator. There were about 180 people attending the event, with a number of folks I recognized, and an engaged audience.

Some of the advice and takeaways:

  • Don’t ask for permission, or trade being liked for what you think is right.
  • Ask for your 100%; it’s okay to be ambitious.
  • Know when to walk away or redefine what success means.
  • Build a bridge to others, men included, to partner with to create success.
  • The glass ceiling is something you helped created…and you’re not the only one who wants to break it.
  • Be comfortable credentialling yourself in a business setting–it’s your personal elevator pitch.

Breaking through the glass ceiling discussion questions
1. Who do you think is building the digital ceiling and why does it even exist in the first place?      
1.2 Do you feel that you have broken through the digital ceiling? If so, can you share your experiences.
2. One of the issues that I have been writing about a lot lately is that women in tech need to do a better promoting themselves.  What are the privacy risks in promoting yourself and building a high profile online identity? How do you personally deal with those risks or concerns?
3. When programming the panels and talking to our conference attendees, many women were interested in either a corporate career or heading up an online community such as for a nonprofit. How do you decide how far you want to go? Is up, up the ladder, the right path for everyone?
4. How do we develop more gender balanced and diverse tech teams and conference panels?  
5. How do you address situations when your boss or client takes your male tech colleagues opinions more seriously than your opinions?
6. What can you do to increase your skills, marketability, and stay on top of your game as you advance in your career?