Quote of the Day

“Dr. Tiller was the only person in his state that performed a
variation of the procedure that saved my life. In fact, he was the only
doctor in the entire middle of the country that did that procedure. His
loss will cause more than just grief for his family and friends; his
loss will quite possibly cause the death of women like me. It will
certainly cause unnecessary pain and grief.

I’m trying hard not
to go off into tangents, like the outrageous hypocrisy of MURDERING Dr.
Tiller in the name of “saving lives.” Or how enraging I find the
argument that babies matter more than women, how I feel that at the
heart of that argument is really the possibly male babies
that matter. Or the fact that the crowing of joy on the internet
(twitter in particular) at Dr. Tiller’s death makes me sick to my
stomach in a way that makes me want to shuck off being American.”
–Cecily K, UpperCase Woman, writing an essay entitled RIP Dr. Tiller,

Susan sez: My dad, Dr. Arthur H Mernit,  was an OB-GYN, solo practice, who made house calls and practiced till late in his life because of his sense of committment and dedication to  his (mostly working class) patients. Dad prescribed birth control and did procedures for young women who had no money (like a couple of my friends) and was very committed to freedom of choice, within responsible limits, It is hard to read about Dr. Tiller and not think of my dad.