TechFellow Awards: Who would you add?

I didn’t get what the TechFellow awards from TechCrunch were till they announced the winners and now I understand–the awards honor people for past achievement, and provide some money to invest to support future achievement.

Some of the award-winner are people I’ve worked with or know, and it makes a lot more sense to understand the intent of these grants when you see some of the winners (partial list):


Scott Banister

Mike McCue

Engineering Leadership

Rich Skrenta

Product Design and Marketing
Jeffrey Veen

General Management

Mike Jones

In other words, these are awards for being really good at what you do–and these folks–among others–surely fit the bill.

The two women awardees are Sandy Jen and Elaine Wherry from Meebo.

If I was going to add award winners–female–my additions would be:

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  1. Dave says:

    fyi, in addition to Sandy & Elaine, there was another woman among the winners:
    Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, General Management Category
    several of the others you mention were also suggested as potential candidates; it was difficult deciding on which folks to tap, and there were many great alternative candidates who could easily have been excellent choices as well.

  2. Walter Adamson says:

    Here here for Rashmi Sinha from SlideShare, a still vastly underrated business innovation and resource.

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