Vacation, Michigan and the home place

It’s 6:22 am, and in a few minutes I am going to move into gear and start the day of travel leading to 2 weeks in Michigan, in s house on a lake that A’s family built 90 years ago. This is my third visit, and it’s amazing how this house and this town have become a home place for me; a place I think about when I am not there, and look forward to coming back to.

As a native New Yorker moved to the Bay area, I have no Michigan roots of my own, but I love it there…and look forward, every year, to learning more about the area.

This summer, I have big plans:

  • swim, hike, bike, row, walk as much as possible
  • read, nap, relax as much as possible
  • write the product specs for Oakland Local and the related tools we want to build and get them back out the the team and contracted to build ASAP
  • finish a tiny bit of client work I still need to complete
  • write poetry
  • read books
  • blog and surf as much as I want to
  • appreciate A, my wonderful partner
  • miss my dog (but sleep later)
  • I will be online, but further off the grid….can’t wait,

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  1. Oil Jobs says:

    Nice summer list you’ve got there…

  2. Cameron Barrett says:

    Aha, my old stomping grounds! Make sure you get out on the lakes and rivers. It might still be too cold to go in the water, but dip your toes in.
    If you’re really adventurous, rent some quads (4-wheelers) and hit some of the trails. Lot of fun!
    There’s also a number of places you can rent horses and go horseback riding (I recall one down by Kingsley). Lot of trails that are absolutely amazing to ride on, beautiful woods. Pack a lunch and spend the day under the trees.
    If you want to give back, scope out the Interlochen summer camp and offer yourself as a speaker. Lots and lots of super-talented youngsters at that camp.

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