Research, reports on hyperlocal news, funding

Poking around as I work on launching Oakland Local and wanted to share these links:

University of Southern California Report: Growing Funders of the News (7/7/09)

 A growing number of foundations are now supporting news-and-information nonprofits–but how much suppport is really out there? Check this report by David Westphal for some sobering data.

Download the full pdf here.

Pocantico Conference: Building an Investigative News Network (6/28/09 – 6/30/09)

25 establshed nonprofit news organizations around the country have teamed into a network, led by Bill Buzenberg of The Center for Public Integrity and Robert Rosenthal of The Center for Investigative Reporting, among others, They met last month  at the Pocantico Estate in New York  and established the goal of supporting the “highest quality investigative journalism,”
in a post-newspaper world–which means also dealing with issues such a, health care and  liability
insurance. Summaries here and here.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Study: Outlook for Newspaper Publishing in the Digital Age (5/09)

Will people pay for news> This study takes the pulse for paid news content worldwide. Americans are willing to pay the most (68%), Dutch citizens
the least (38%).. View the full report here.