Oakland Local: Remembering what focus feels like

For the past three weeks, I’ve been very focused on a smaller number of projects than usual, and giving greater priority to Oakland Local, the community site I am launching.  Oakland Local is a hub, or aggregator site, highlighting and pointing to partners around a specific set of themes and issues and it’s been a big job identifying groups, collecting data, contacting and meeting people, etc. The list of things to do seems (typically) endless, and there’s always more. Knowing we will be live in six weeks or so means we’re already on the countdown track–and yet there has to be at least 100 hours of work to be done, if not more.

And it feels so good.

One thing about having a full time job, at least for me, is that ensures focus on one thing, the big hair goal, the big rock, sitting smack in the middle of my road.  This time around, it’s a tad more fluid, but there’s the same extreme pleasure of being able to work really hard to make something happen-and then it does.

I’ve been going around the city, meeting people and talking about the ideas and plans, and getting such great responses. There are lots more people I hope to connect with, but what I’ve learned in just three weeks has been incredible. And it’s equally exciting to see my story prospects list fill up with stories we’d like to have reported, as well as notes on what guest bloggers could offer.

Yeah, I’m enjoying feeling focused, aka obsessed, and soon enough, you will see what all the hard work is.

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  1. steve says:

    sweet! When does it go up live?

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