Resolutions for health, aka lowering my triglycerides

This is one of those putting it out there posts where if I tell the world, I am more obligated to do what I say. Short version: need to lose weight and exercise more–and consistently.
I just got my blood tests back and my triglycerides are borderline, not high, but not ideal, That’s fat in the blood, folks, so I want to bring it down.

Here’s what I am thinking:

  • Eat less, particularly animal fat, cut carbs, etc
  • Eat more omega-3 foods–especially that flaxseed oil sitting in the fridge, untouched
  • Go vegan 2 meals a day (the Mark Bittman technique from Food Matters
  • Eat alot more apples, whole grains,oat bran, brown rice,  legumes & lentils
  • Take carnatine, aceytl-carnatine supplements
  • Walk more, bike more and do a lot more dancing and hiking (exercise I enjoy)

Really do all the above (this is the hardest part)

So my goal is to get moving on all this, get re-tested in 6 months, and see improvement.  Okay, back on the diet horse,

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  1. Duncan Lamb says:

    Sorry to hear that… i got that same news out of the blue several years ago. (Weird getting it in my mid thirties, and a couple of months after running a half marathon – genetics were a huge part of my problem ). Nevertheless, I was able to bring it down without medication in 6 months or so. I cut out fast food completely, started taking fish oil tablets (get a big jar from walmart, i took 2 in the morning), and my girlfriend started buying Promise “yogurt shots,” I took one a day. That’s it. Never even lost weight (though I didn’t have to…) and I already exercise as a habit. Good luck, it is amazing how you can hack your body by making smart food choices :)

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