WAM opens call for proposals for 2010 conference in Chicago

I heart WAMRandomDeanna got me to go for the first time last year, and it was so great. So there’s no way I want to miss the 2010 conference, held, for the first time, in Chicago.
And, of course, I am now thinking about what workshops, sessions, discussions I might submit to the CFP.  As you should, as well (come to the conference and submit proposals, that is.)

Here’s the pitch:
“If you care about amplifying progressive women’s voices in the media, WAM!
is for you, whether you’re a media producer, PR strategist, journalist,
activist, academic, community organizer, feminist, funder or
philanthropist, “citizen” media watchdog, media policy advocate,
alternative-network-builder, blogger, writer, teacher, artist,
technology trainer, cartoonist, deejay, or anything else!

The goal of WAM! is to connect everyone
who has a stake in achieving gender justice in media, in order to share
facts and ideas, develop skills and build collaborations.We’re bringing
together more than 600 participants to exchange experiences and tools
for change — and plan together for action.

What issues do you want to hear debated? What should happen at WAM!
as a step forward in building our movements? We invite you to submit a
proposal for an interactive and provocative session.

Be creative with
your presentation — in addition to workshops and panels, we welcome
strategy sessions, digital multimedia presentations, films and live
performances. We especially encourage proposals from women of color,
women under age 25 and over 60, low-income women,
professionals/producers working in broadcast and entertainment media,
and students.”