Needed: SF Bay area workshop leader, Facebook, Oct 1/2

A conference I’m involved in needs someone skilled to lead a workshop on using Facebook if you’re a media site. They are looking for
someone who can teach technically about the Facebook API, but also
teach how it can be applied to media sites to extend their brand,
readership and distribution goals.
Are you this person?
Would you like to donate 90 minutes for a non-profit event?
If yes, get in touch.

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    Thanks for the post Susan, well my friend is quite good in Facebook API, I will try to convince him to get in touch with you. Actually he is done doing some media site reviews about the movie film, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt using Facebook fan site since we all know that this is one popular social media networking site nowadays. Well, one thing for sure using FACEBOOK will surely a great way to communicate with your readers and users that find some interest about the things you like to share with – it may sound advertisement or you ust want to get plain feedback coming from them.

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