Thinking about Van Jones and our loss

Ludovic Blain has a powerful Facebook note about Van Jone’s resignation that calls out the white “progressive” movement for not standing strongly for Van when he was under attack, and how white racism has not changed.  The nut of this eloquent–and frustrated piece is the question ” are white liberals any
better on racism now than they were ten years ago?”

Taj James says it eloquently” he attack on Van is an attack on all of us. It is an attack on hope,
change, and all progressive values. It is an attempt to return to the
politics of fear as a way of slowing the momentum for real change and
real solutions that the movement has built. We must stand up for Van
and for all the values we hold dear or we will be handing the country
back to the racist extremists who have brought the world the brink of
economic and ecological collapse.

Some thought that the election was the time to fight hard for our
vision for change but now is our real test and the real time to prove
that we have solutions for a world that works for everyone.”

Someone said “How ia it the dems have the control , but the republicans have the power?” but that’s not it–it’s that the conservatives has used organized groups and tactics to push their agendas, while the progressive and liberal groups have pretty much stewed in their own juices. Or, in other words, as a society, we need to change, but it is not happening fast enough.