Oakland Local hits 1,000 FB fans in under 2 weeks of operation

It’s been intense.  We launched Oakland Local not quite two weeks ago and the site is humming. Lots of content, lots of page views, lots of uniques.  We’re going to implement Facebook Connect so the more casual user can comment more easily, and move the Get Involved link up to the top of the page.
Am I exhausted? Right now, Friday night at 7:26 PM, Hell yeah!
But I’m also thrilled–Oakland Local hit 1,000 fans on Facebook today, And it just kinda happened.
Yeah, we did our social media magic mojo when we launched, and we tweet and post, but this FB thing has a viral quality I am trying to figure out. What percentage of the fans are friends of mine and cheerers-on (which I totally will take and applaud), and which are local folk excited at a new vision for diverse voices and community in Oakland, CA?
Will I look back at the Facebook group as a bright spot in a very hard slog (which doing a local site can easily be), or as one note in a series that continued to go higher?
Classically, there is no way to tell, but I am heading into the weekend exhausted, overworked and happy.