Web Hosts: Who do you like?

Our web host for Oakland Local is flaking on us bit time, so I asked for recommendations that people liked. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Dharmishta


    @susanmernit I <3 mediatemple–I’ve called them day and night and they’re always helpful.

  2. Krys F

    @susanmernit Hey NY transplant :)

  3. Barbi WebhostingArc

    @susanmernit I host with loads of companies and can help u pick the right one for you. How many sites do u have to host?

  4. Gotekky

    @susanmernit Hi Susan, sorry to hear that. Take advantage of our holiday vps specials to try us out, 30 moneyback http://gotekky.com/vps.htm

  5. Michelle Murrain

    @susanmernit Slicehost is our favorite. Linode is good. As is Rackspace Cloud servers.

  6. ItsJustHosting

    @susanmernit Check out our line of fully managed VPS plans here: http://bit.ly/6jQW3F let us know if you have any questions!

  7. Jake Bayless

    @susanmernit EmpireReport.org uses slicehost. Been happy with it so far. Don’t feel like we’re getting hosed. :)

  8. Clarisa Roberts

    @susanmernit we just signed on with Media Temple.

  9. therealmrscienc

    @susanmernit fatcow.com is pretty good. Several choices of page building tools. Servers R 100% alternative energy powered. High reliability

  10. linode

    @susanmernit let us know if we can answer any questions or be of service

  11. Ramin Firoozye

    @susanmernit I’ve been pretty happy with Slicehost. A lot of people like Linode, though. Who are you using now?

And Facebook folks say:

Ted Curran

I’ve been using BlueHost and their customer service is pretty good. My second go-to is DreamHost.

Greg Yardley

use a smaller firm named Contegix for some of our mission-critical
stuff. They’re quite pricey but support and up-time are top-notch.

Allyson K

Media Temple is pretty good. Pair.

Debbie Galant


Susan Beebe

Laughing Squid is using Rackspace, which is a very good hosting provider

Anyone else? Suggestions welcomed!

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  1. Daniel Bachhuber says:

    I’ve had good experiences thus far with WebFaction and Slicehost. You can launch a site almost immediately with WebFaction as they have application installers for most content management systems, and Slicehost has better tiered resource offerings.

  2. Egan says:

    I am a Racker and would be happy to point you in the right direction! @eganskinner – Twitter. Our Cloud/Slicehost offering is great, as is our dedicated managed hosting suite. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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