Effective Twitter for newbies–and newsies–a new presentation

This is a workshop I did this week for [The Center for Investigative Reporting](http://cironline.org) and their Board members. I work at CIR as their web strategist, and have trained lots of people in using twitter for more focused purposes that just chat.  I’m pleased with this preso because I think it concisely addresses A LOT of the questions people have. So, here’s the document. Enjoy!

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  1. carsenu.myopenid.com says:

    Congratulations Susan for a job well done! Also, thanks for sharing the documents. I learned a lot. Well, I’ve been wondering if the Team Conan has also their twitter account for more queries, just like what you’ve done here at The Center for Investigative Reporting. Hope you can share more of your ideas Susan. Good day and God bless!

  2. liebe911.myopenid.com says:

    I am sure the Twitter Effectiveness presentation will be a big help for not only the site it was meant for but all newbies. Most users think of twitter only in terms of social chatting and blogging, and here is something that makes people realize otherwise like Analytics For Facebook . The presentation helps would-be tweeters familiarize themselves with and get to know twitter, how it functions, what it can be used for and so on. It guides the user on how to get started and takes it from there. Very effective indeed!

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