New models for news revenue: working on them

I am working on a whole slew of research and planning products around modelling media market analyses for California, identifying viable revenue streams in a revenue portfolio for non-profit and local news sites, and hoping my dogged work will pay off with some executable plans.
In some ways, I feel like I came late to a party that started in Summer 2008 with CUNY’s New Models for Revenue, carried forward with David Westphal’s excellent work, and kept going, even as I looked away (at real live living  sites like baristanet, blogher, afrobella and budget fashionista to see how they made their bucks

Not only am I about to crunch alot of numbers, I have tons of reading to wade through–and then tons of writing–and thinking–to do.

But I could really use some help. What are the papers, case studies, revenue models etc–that fellow newsies and biz folks have found useful? If you send me links and data, I will aggregate it here, post and share.

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