Oakland Local included in The State of the News 2010 report

News! Oakland Local was called out in a
paragraph in The State of the News Media 2010 which was just released
by Journalism.org—see the link in this huge report at 

“Some new sites like stlbeacon.org and voiceofsandiego.org,
often launched with the help of foundation grants, show promise,
providing critical community news and information.  And some have
formed partnerships with established news outlets.

Others are mixing community building with professional standards of reporting. Oakland Local,
a community site founded by Web entrepreneur Susan Mernit and funded
through both a startup grant and advertising, is one example of such an
experiment. It covers topics like the environment, food, development
and education for its local community and in a recent month had 65,000
page views, 40,000 visits and 25,000 unique visitors.”

This is super recognition for a new site, and I am feeling very honored–and proud of the team of people who so such great work on OL to make this happen.