Yet more setting the record straight

It’s been great talking with media organizations in Oakland and learning more about what everyone sees as the issues. I am learning alot, and it is influencing how I partner with other groups,  But there’s also some mis-information  floating around, so I am going to step back and correct some of the things I have read that are just so not true:

1. I’ve been working in the field of local media and community content since 1992. I stepped out of the pure media space when I worked at Yahoo! as Senior Director for Product Development from 2006-2008, but I’ve been in media the rest of my career, from my days as an arts activist in my 20’s to my jobs for publishing companies and web businesses after than.
Check my resume at Linked In or Google me on the web if you need to see for yourself.

2. Robert Rosenthal had no role in creating Oakland Local; I didn’t know him when we started planning the site in Jan 2009, and I didn’t meet him until summer 2009.  I started working part-time for CIR as a web strategist in August 2009 and continue to work for them on a part time basis. My work at Oakland Local is all unpaid; we pay the writers, but I work as a consultant to pay my bills..

3. The terms hyperlocal journalism and citizen journalism are used interchangeably when referring to writing by non-professional (whatever that means) journalists linked to a place.
I think Wikipedia has a good article on the basics of this concept.

If anyone has any more questions about my background, send me a note: susan at