10,000 words blog gets acquired by MediaBistro-MOGUL TRIFECTA!

Mark Luckie announced today that his popular blog, 10,000 Words, has been acquired by WebMediaBrands–the MediaNewser story is right here. http://bit.ly/byQAFZ

Here’s the press release nut graph: “”10,000 Words is a perfect fit for the Mediabistro blog network, which
attracts over 3 million unique visitors monthly,” said WebMediaBrands
Chairman and CEO Alan Meckler
in a statement. “Mark Luckie will continue to contribute to 10,000
Words and will help us develop other bloggers to write for 10,000 Words
as we rapidly expand coverage.”

Talk about a neat exit strategy! Luckie publishes a book, gets a new job, and sells his blog!  MOGUL TRIFECTA

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  1. carsenu.myopenid.com says:

    Firsts and for most, congratulations to Mark Luckie for making is blog, 10,000 Words, popular on WebMediaBrands. Speaking of words, I heard that to orthodox Muslims, halal (Arabic term for “permissible” or “recommended”) is a substantial practice. Halal works for Muslims in ways comparable to that of kosher for Jews. According to The Stir, halal will be coming to Campbell’s Soup soon. Halal-approved tastes will bear the mark of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). ISNA-emblazoned Campbell’s Soup cans will hit Canadian shelves first.

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