Oakland Local makes new 50 news sites list from Columbia Journalism Review

OMG, this is so exciting!  This week, the Columbia Journalism Review released its News Frontier Database--searchable profiles of digital news sites of note around the country.  Oakland Local is honored to be one of the 10 local news sites on the list–and to be profiled alongside The Huffington Post, Slate, TechCrunch, Gawker and ProPublica.   We’re also thrilled to see ourselves along Grand Rapid’s hyper-local upstart The Rapidian, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network, and the African-American news & commentary site The Root. What a cool list of 50 to be a part of!

Local isn’t the newest site on the list (Capital NY has that
distinction), but we bet we have the smallest annual operating budget —
under $60,000 in our first year.

So can we have some money now — please?  

We’ve been operating with volunteer leadership, underpaid writers, and tons of community contributors–and loving every minute of it.  Having said that,  we’re in the middle of our first-ever fund drive and what we’d like from you right now is a donation.

Please give what you can — $10 to $500 apiece would make us happy, depending on what you can afford.   Every penny you give goes to support our reporting on Oakland news and issues.

Donations are tax-deductible and we’ll put your contribution to good use.

We’re so proud of our team, our partners and the city we love–Oakland, Ca. We’re one of 5 sites from California profiled by CJR, and the only one focused on the Bay area.

Please donate today to help us keep publishing in 2011–we’re 2/3rd of the way toward our $5, 000 goal! (And once we get there, we can stop bugging you for $$.)

And come out on January 27th to hang with the OL crowd and have some fun at our winter drink-up at SOMAR. RSVP here, please.

If you’d like to write/photograph/contribute content, please  get in
touch–editor@oaklandlocal.com–ideas and tips welcomed as well.