Oakland Local’s idea, ‘Neighborhood Pages,’ a finalist in 2011 We Media Pitch It Challenge

Talk about good news! 

I am thrilled to share that Neighborhood Pages – an idea that grew out of Oakland Local – is one of 10 finalists in the We Media PitchIt Challenge.
This means I will be pitching Neighborhood Pages in New York City on
April 6 to a super-cool panel of judges who will award early stage
funding to two of the projects that present,

we media finalist.jpg

How does it work?

Media is an annual conference about media convergence that supports
innovation. Pitch It is a program to award funding to projects that
inspire and incubate innovation that improves the human experience in
the digital world.”

Our idea of Neighborhood Pages takes what
we’ve learned from two years of planning, launching and running Oakland
Local, plus what we see from our colleagues around the country who are
doing local sites, and creates a business that provides software,
hands-on training and a network of peers to everyone who wants to start
and operate a hyper-local site. 

What’s the idea?

hyper-local news sites like Oakland Local are springing up all over the
country, but there’s no widely accessible resources to help site
operators keep from making the same mistakes over and over. In a time
when well-funded local media is increasingly centralized (think Patch
and Gothamist), Neighborhood Pages offers a way to minimize mistakes and
accelerate learning for hyper-local site operators by offering tech,
training and community.

Working with open-source software installs
and centralizing and managing tech for news site operators,
Neighborhood Pages offers members a range of online classes, webinars
and peer learning circles to help address critical questions about
topics such as managing volunteers, understanding Google analytics,
estimating costs for news and viable revenue streams that far too many
hyper-local site operators are having to learn on their own, rather than
having a centralized resource where they can learn best practices and
connect with others. 

So, what happens next?

The full list of finalists (congrats, everyone!) is right here (see below) and we will all be in NYC on April 6 pitching away. (Note: If you’d like to help me develop my pitch or listen to me practice, get in touch.)

To register for the conference, click here.