Likes & Tweets: Social media for news sites is loive @jlab

Well, it’s here! Social media for news sites, a learning module commissioned by J-Lab for their
learning project, is finally done, live and ready for use. My
co-author, Kwan Booth, joked this was “consulting without the fees,” and
while that’s not exactly true, it is true that we’re sharing lots of
the skills we use when we work with clients-and that we love to teach

What’s in the module? A solid hands on discussion of core social
media tools, tactics and measurement resources. Platforms we look at
include Twitter, YouTube, Flickr. Tumblr and Foursquare; we also go into
detailed best practices for each. We also dig into ways to measure
social media and maximize impact-essential resources for you outcome
based folks, like me. Finally, the module has posts and multiple ideas
from others who are running local news sites around the country-their
voices make this a real delight. (We lost a few in the editing process,
and I will be posting those here over the next few days).

So give it a read and tell us what you think.