Is blogging catching?

Back in the day, I was a compulsive blogger.  Then I started this little thing called Oakland Local and my blogging just kinda crashed. Big stop.
Now here I am 2 years later and I’m starting to miss blogging.  Writing for OL is great, posting to Facebook, twitter and Tumblr is cool, but there is this experience of putting together more than 140 characters–and.or writing about things NOT related specifically to Oakland that I am starting to totally miss.

And then there’s the kick-ass job my friend Kwan has been doing over on his blog. This guy is just as busy as me and he is finding the time to write regular posts.  Damn.  Every time I read one of Kwan’s posts, I want to write one of my own. Only then I think about how many ads I need to sell for Oakland Local, those grants coming down, the stories and the story ideas…

And blogging becomes the itch I just don’t have time to scratch.

But I am heading into a month where I am going to be working remotely and have more flexible time, and my hope is that Mr. Booth’s strong postings–and everything else I am reading around the web–will work some magic and get me back here again.