Facebook: Data study shows engagement tips

Facebook released a study today that analyzed how users engage with
journalists on Facebook pages. Some highlights:

  • The analysis showed that 4-line postings received a 30% increase in feedback over average posts 
  • Though uploaded Photos accounted for only 10% of the posts to
    Journalist Pages, they received 50% more likes than non-photo posts.
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday had the highest amount of
    feedback — with Sunday receiving the highest amount of feedback at 25%
    more likes and 8% more comments above average.
  • Posts that included
    the journalist’s analysis and personal reflections had 20% more
    referral clicks than that of an average post.

The whole story report is on Facebook (of course!)right here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-journalists/study-how-people-are-engaging-journalists-on-facebook-best-practices/245775148767840