Newsfeed: Having a friendship reset

I’ve just spent an hour of my lazy Sunday morning going into my newsreader and deleting perhaps a third of the 1700 feeds I have stuffed in there. Why? Google Plus, to be honest.

Putting people into circles and managing the news stream in the still-new Plus reminded me that having folders in my reader for “My tribe” and “Bloggers I enjoy” has actually gotten kind of redundant–and not very useful.  Anyone I know that I follow regularly is going to show up in my news feeds in social media, so I don’t need to keep their blog in a folder, and the people I added to those folders because I know them just slightly and appreciate their views are far too numerous for me to keep up with all of them, especially since the range of topics they cover is boundless.

So,  had a friendship reset, cutting back on friends who are really distant acquaintances, cutting out blogs and feeds that I added in pre-2010 and that aren’t really even current anymore, and paring back on people who are smart, but who, to be honest, I am bored reading after all these years.

It feels great!

It also feels great to protect some of the folders that I already only use through the reader search box–my feeds for Oakland, CA, for fashion, DIY, food and travel for example. 

Cutting back has also made room for me to create some folders for new interests (yes, I am an info junkie), such as data visualization/databases, CMSs, and my new fav, health liviing, where I am stuffing blogs about Weston Price, the primal diet and walking.hiking biking.

What interests me here is that it felt easy to remove some of my well-known professional colleagues  because I am confident links to their posts are going to show in my feed–and I know if I miss their voices, I can re add them anyway.

Is anyone else cutting back on collecting feeds because of their relationship to the social news stream? Would be interested to hear your stories.