The blog of Caz 1: beginnings

So six days ago, A and I got a new dog.  Caz is a rescue dog, one who was plucked out of the pound by a small rescue organization and given a chance at a new life.  Found at the Albany Bulb malnourished and covered with sores, Caz spent 5 months with a wonderful foster owner who brought him back to health, trained him and showed him people can care for dogs.
We met Caz in late May at an adoption fair in Berkeley and though we weren’t actively looking, A and I were both really taken with him–he’s got the American bulldog big mouth and jaws, but he looks like a boxer/great dane cross in many ways–and he seemed to have a lovely temperament.
“That might be a great dog for us,” A said, so we went to visit him at K’s house. After some hanging out, a walk, and much petting, we went home to talk–and we both agreed we wanted the dog. One home visit and three weeks of vacation later, Caz became our dog–these blog posts are a way to chronicle both the experience of adjusting to a new, adult rescue dog (Caz is 2)–and a way to talk about dog/human interaction, a topic that interests me.