Down 10 lbs, 4 this past 3 weeks

It’s been a year of effort, but I’m down 10 pounds.  The last 4 came off in the past 3 weeks or so, when I started eating a version of the Primal diet and started making an effort to do some sort of exercise EVERY day. I noticed my pants were getting way looser around the waist and stomach, and thought I was toning–and then saw the weight loss this am.  Only, uh, 35 to go, hah.

What have I been doing this week for activity?

  • Biked to work and back 3 times, RT
  • 2 hikes on trails with dogs
  • 2 yoga classes
  • 5 gym sessions (treadmill/hills, stretching, light circuit)
  • Walking
  • Dance (going to Sunday event this morning)
  • Light gardening and yardwork
  • Playing with the dog/running around yard with sticks, balls, dog

As for eating, I’ve been on a low/no carbs, lots of veggies and meat type diet, with fruit (different that Atkins Induction). Had 3 portions of brown rice, 4 low-carb crackers and one big cheat which I really enjoyed: A La Farine morning bun (a box appeared at the office and I chose to eat one–ONE).

Moderate alcohol–one beer, 4 glasses of wine
Have also been keeping a food and exercise diary, that seems to really help.
The last pair of older jeans before I bought the bigger size 2 years ago seem to now fit, though I still weigh 10 lbs more than I did in January 2010 (so I have added muscle), but the zipper’s broken.  5 more lbs and I will get another pair–at 5 feet tall, 5-6 lbs is a size, pretty much.