My first JAWS, Ashville, NC, thoughts & notes

I’m at JAWS (Journalism and Women Symposium) in Asheville NC this weekend, partly to give a workshop on media entrepreneurship and multimedia (now, that’s some combo), and be on a panel, and partly to just check out what many people have told me is the powerful energy of people in this group.  As a huge fan of conference co-chair Sarah Pollock, journalism department lead at Mills College, and a great advisors to Oakland Local, I kind of had to come; Sarah has never given me bad advice–and she said: “Come talk and hang out this year.”

There doesn’t seem to be the same sort of organization hub for women in media/tech that Women 2.0, Women Who Tech, Systers, She’s Geeky, etc fill for women in med and that BlogHer Bet, The Creative Connection and others fill for broader entrepreneurs, so I am curious to see if JAWS might be a good fit for that mission.

Keynoter is St Louis Beacon’s Margie Frievogel, so I am excited to hear her speak on one of my fav topics: My Failures.

More to come.