Oakland Local updates–and next steps

We’re been hard at work at OL, with some good results. n the past year, we were a finalist for the Oakland Grown Soul of Oakland Indie Award, won a grant from Oaklandish, received grants for reporting from The Society of Environmental Journalists, the Fund for Investigative Journalists and other entities, and worked with 15 local non-profit food access groups to teach them social media and online news, thanks to support from The California Endowment. A survey of social media from the City of Oakland confirmed that Oakland Local has the most popular Oakland Facebook page for local residents, and a study we did in May 2011 showed that 96% of the respondents felt it was very important to shop locally.

Our traffic remains strong, with over 140,000 page views a month, 66,000 unique visitors, according to Google Analytics, with 98% of them from Oakland and within 5 miles of the city.

So, the big push now is sustainability.  We have a great audience, great community–and we need to solidify our revenue streams–which will be based on ads and sponsorships, training, grants for journalism, grants for training and funded programs, and donations. Lots to do!