Thinking Newsfoo: Occupied by Oakland

Going to Newsfoo in Phoenix in a matter of days and thinking about
doing a talk. Some of the options I’m considering (comments welcomed):

Occupied by Occupy: The Occupy Oakland movement surrounded Oakland Local
like a rush of hot lava. How did we manage our coverage to provide
unique value in a media storm–and make it happen on a super-limited
budget? In some ways the essence of OL shone through for Occupy Oakland and for a month, it ruled.

$56,000 edit budget, 308,000 unique visitors: how?
Oakland Local has a unique blend of reported news, community voices and
non-profit partner content. And our audience is 46% under 35–not the
traditional newsies. What do we do–and how do we  d it (howling at the

Very excited to be part of a set of discussions about the
future of news & community media, transparency, the semantic web,
app frameworks, mobile, CMSs and what they are evolving into, digital
divide and all the other related topics that make my brain–and my
heart-go zing zing zing.