Knowing when to let go

Learning from failure and not giving up two early are traits that lead to success, in my experience.  The mistakes I made with my first start up lead to the resolve to not make those mistakes again, and to a very viral response to Oakland Local. Hanging in there has kept me at making Oakland Local work financially even when I’ve gotten totally fed up and discouraged.

But I question whether persistence is always a good trait. I think my persistence has led me to hang on too long in other areas where a more sane person would have packed it in. I’ve stayed in personal relationships, friendships, and professional organizations after it really made sense to hang on, not always for the better.

I’m thinking ahead to 2012, and knowing I need to ask myself questions about how much I am willing to change and move on in 2012.  I think I am at one of those points again where I need to get out of my comfort zone and change some established behaviors around food, exercises and relationships–those things that truly, end up reflecting what the priorities really are, versus what I say they are.

I know this is all deliberately a bit obscure, but I can feel myself starting to question some things.