NYE resolutions, part 1 (the personal ones)

It’s almost 4 PM on December 31st and I’m already mentally using the new year on the checks I have to write. Last year was the first year I made resolutions I actually kept, and the two I made really did improve my life (one was sleep an hour more every day, and it seems to have pushed me from 6 to 7 hours of sleep on average each night, which is what I really need; the other was to go to the gym and do aerobics/a weight circuit and stretching 3X a week, and I have pretty much done that as well).
So, this year, I want to make more resolutions, and keep them all, so I am going to list them here so friends and family can check in and see if I am doing what I said I was going to do.  Here’s a working list of personal resolves:

  • Get a full baseline medical check up. (I HATE going to the doctor.)
  • See my son once a month if possible, but not less often than every 6 weeks (because he is the most interesting person ever and I love him).
  • More time for friends on a weekly basis (hear that, everyone–PLEASE invite me to do stuff and see you!)
  • LOSE 30 pounds.  (Ouch! I have I would do this so many times that if I’d done it before, I would have disappeared by now, but I am going to put some strong focus and intention on doing this in a consistent and healthy way in 2012.)
  • Be active every day. What can I add to that 3X a week gym routine that keeps me sweating and moving? and having fun?

I will post some work and career-related resolutions as well; going to sit with these for now.