Blogging is back–so what does that mean?

I’m blogging again.
Or, I’m resolving to blog again, but actually meaning to do it.
Or, I’m just blogging again, dammnit.

Back in 2002/2003, when I started to blog, it was the coolest thing possible.
Two years ago, I was in the throes of a start-up (Oakland Local), and blogging seemed redundant with all the Twitter, Facebook, social media energy.

Here we are at 2012, and even with Tumblr (, Pinterest (just checking it out) and  Google Plus (profile here), there are still things I want to say that the blog seems the right format for. So here, we go.

Why blog?

  • Social media is a bit like circling the drain unless you have some real content assets to share–or you like to chatter (and the short form is an art.)
  • Tumblr is a magnificent reclipping and image/photo/video sharing service, among other things, but it doesn’t feel like blog post land to me (tho if I didn’t have a blog, I’d definitely have a tumblr first)
  • Pinterest is ladies over 40 who like to do something tumblr-esque inside a walled garden.  It’s the new Vox. m’thinks. (Cool, but not my focus.)

Who else is experiencing a revival  of interest in blogging? Anyone getting their words back?