QOTD: May on “social justice technologist”

“What is the personal genesis of self-empowerment? Are there invariable, atomic elements common among these experiences? If so, what is the most effective way to infuse the largest number of people with these positive experiences in a way that successfully engenders autonomous power for each given individual?  “
May May, maybemaimed.com, http://bit.ly/vPBkDP

Great post by May on his journey, asking some questions I want to think about as well:

Doing more with less:
“It’s all just stuff I don’t need, distractions I can’t afford, things I hardly used. The only reason I have them is because I was afraid of not having them, because I was made to believe I was supposed to have an apartment, with stuff,
purchased using money from a job I don’t like to make me feel better
about having that job I never really even fucking wanted. And now, I’m
not so afraid of that anymore.”

Doing work that matters: “What is my career when I have achieved, for me, an unprecedented level of recognition
after 8 long years of being in the workforce? What is my contribution
to my own future, and to people like me who are still young children

We make our own home inside us–or we don’t: “Maybe I never had a home. Or maybe I ought not have defined “home” so narrowly.”