Tearing through work

One of the best ways to approach a big project is to just start working on it. I’ve done a huge chunk of work for a client on metric for hyperlocal news sites and after getting the initial work done, put it aside for six weeks.  Next week, I am giving a webinar on the materials. I realized I was totally stressed about this paper and preso and that the only thing to do was spend a chunk of today working on it so my unreal fears could be replaced with real fears (or not).

After 5 hours, I’ve rewritten the big, clunky paper into something still long (25 pages) but very readable, planned out the webinar, and feel able to write the preso and spend no more than 2-3 hours on it. (This is a huge relief).  I also realized what the follow up project should be–and have plans to do a one-sheet on value and impact for my idea.

What else did I do today?
Work on Oakland Local
Write proposals for a panel and a workshop for Netroots Nation
File 2 FOIA requests
Play with the dog
Get photographed with my fabulous friends
Go out to dinner at Ninna with same friends
Hit the local hot tubbery with said friends
Play with the dog
Come home and talk about how to change the world with my super great housemate
Hit the interwebs

It was a really  productive day, and getting my big rock done makes me feel very calm.