Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: Inspiring

Okay, I just watched the Joe Cross movie, and it is inspiring. Getting off processed foods will save your life, whether you go raw vegan or not. And the standard American diet is toxic.
But I have some issues with this movie:
It’s all men, big brawny men
No one seems to struggle with going on juice and going cold-turkey on everything else
How enduring is it? As with May I be Frank, the Cafe Gratitude/Frank Ferrante film the big issue isn’t only the miracle transformation, it’s the sticking with it.
Hell, I weighed 40 lbs less 10 years ago and 20 pounds less 4 years ago.

Warching this movie made me go look up my BMI. Looking up my BMI made me view photos of people with this BMI. And that…well that made me think about how I could do better with what I ate–and didn’t eat.