Heading out, who knows what will happen?

So, in less than 48 hours, I am leaving town and stepping out of my life for some new adventures. Spain! 3 weeks. Spain. How amazing is that?

Back in July, when I planned this trip, my intention was to engineer a mini-sabbatical where I could get out of my workaholic habits (which I love but which are not always good for me), and have a space to be totally present in the moment, practice more self-care, and experience news things in new places. I was luck enough to have (lots) of frequent flier miles to cash in for tickets and enough past time in Spain to know it would be a great place to return to, even if I spent the whole trip alone.

As it turns out, the trip is going to be amazing on another level, because my grown son and his wonderful girlfriend/life partner are travelling with me.  Not only is Z an accomplished chef and wine maven, but he’s such a great person, someone I just feel such a great connection to–and S, his GF, is also super wonderful.

There are going to be a lot of firsts in this trip:

  • First vacation three weeks long I have ever had
  • First trip out of the country in 7 years
  • First time I’ve spent more than 5 days with my son in a row since he was 19
  • First trip without my laptop (!!!!)
  • First trip with my tablet (you didn’t think I’d bring no tech, did you?)

We’ve got a great route planned, with time in Barcelona,  time in San Sebastian, and time in Galicia’s countryside and in A Coruna. Trains, buses, automobiles, planes will all factor in.

And hopefully, this will be a great chance for me to live in the moment, practice being full present and experiencing what’s in front of me, and think big thoughts I don’t think in the day to day of my life.

I’m going to set up mobile and table access to the blog tonight; hope to share photos, impressions and experiences–but only to the extent I feel like it–this is going to be a trip WITHOUT side projects.