Spain: A Week in Barcelona

we’ve been in barcelona for a week now..and we have two weeks more on our trip. Being with zach and Sara has been a good experience…I feel like I am not learning anything radically new about my grown son, but I am getting to know him–and the wonderful Sara– a whole lot better.

A lot of our time here ha been walking and exploring. Today, we went to the Horta-Guinardo parc in the morning to exercise; later, we took the metro to barceloneta and had a great walk and a good lunch at Los Cova Fumado…bombas, bunelos–codfish fritters–amazing artichokes grilled with a savory piquant oil, grilled bread with aioli, beer– The place is so old school, with everyone eating more or less the same things–so delicious.
During our walk, we managed to hit some other cool food spots–Con Piaxno—another old school spot that serves red sweet cava with all sorts of savory meats–ham, blood sausage, codfish, you name it. The rule is that you cannot buy a bottle of the cava–which is super cheap–unless you also buy food. we got cava, spicy peppers and a garlicky ham on a roll, which we stuffed with the peppers and shared.
We then walked another mile or stand got more food(!!!)–a top at the el bulli-related Bodega 1900, where we ate olives that had been reconstituted into some disconcerting gelatinous consistency and served in a spoon, but tasted great. We also had the thinnest oily sheet of fatty ham,along with some slabs of the ubitiquious pan con tomate–bread rubbed with tomato–only is was the crunchier and most elegant read of its kind. Good food, but I hated the spot–even though I also loved the very good glass of vermouth.
After walking all the way up to the metro at passeig gracia, we took the train home and drug into the sweets Sara had selected at baluart bakery—a lemon meringue tarte, a vanilla eclair with pistachio, and an apple strudel cakes slice. Now the young folks are out having falafel and a drink; I am sitting here writing,knowing the next step is to pack.