Is Gawker traffic-trolling Oakland? Damn straight!

In the headlong rush toward Oakland that everyone who is less than start-up exit rich seems to be engaging in, one of the by-products is that mainstream media that previously focused almost exclusively on San Francisco is now turning its attention to Oakland and the East Bay.

Gawker and its cousins Defamer and Valleywag in particular seem to be setting up to scrutinize us East Bay residents, who, until recently, couldn’t get any attention for anything short of stuffing tiny doughnuts.

But now, Gawker’s got a post up about William Winters, one of Oakland’s many poly folk, who, along with local Polly Whitaker, is involved with a sex and poly positive community site called Katango. In my world of Oakland, this might be a yawn, but for Gawker, it’s a chance to trot out traffic-trolling headlines like The “King of the East Bay Polyamory Scene” Promotes a Kinky Facebook and dig deep into SEX! SWINGING! POLY ! SEX!

How did Winters earn this title? Sleeping with multiple people all at once? Being in a group marriage? Having 27 partners?

Naaahhhh—Gawker is so desperate for link bait they picked this up (from the Chronicle) for a guy whose claiming to being the Poly King is–wait for it–hosting potlucks!  Pretty racy stuff, huh?

Yawn. Time to go watch a video.